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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteerism is a vital component of the APPNA STL Community Clinic. Our services are performed by licensed professionals volunteering their time and money to help our patients. The clinic’s volunteers are truly the key to our success.

Medical, Dental, Eye Professionals.
Professional volunteers of licensed physicians, dentists, ophthalmologist, physician assistants, nurses, dental hygienists, dental assistants and retired professionals work together to provide patient care. They work in the same capacity required in any medical office; the specific routine unique to this Clinic is covered in an orientation.

Patient Services
The patient services volunteer interviews the patient before the patient is examined by the dental or medical staff. Basic information about the Clinic and its policies and procedures are explained and an assessment of other patient needs is determined. They also assist the patient in obtaining other health care or social service resources that may be available to them or their family. The specific routine unique to this Clinic is covered in an orientation.

Office Assistants
The front desk volunteers in both clinic settings are essential for the orderliness and documentation for each patient visit. Receptionists are greeters and “keepers” of the paperwork. Volunteers are also responsible for answering the phones and providing helpful information. A brief orientation with observation time will equip you for this task.

In those instances when needed, the use of a translator greatly facilitates the Clinic visit. Most often, the need is for Bosnian, Somalian, Arabic, Ethiopian, and Afghani interpretations. This communication link begins during the interview with Social Services and continues with the medical, dental and eye exam.

If interested in volunteering at the clinic, please email your Resume to We interview and select volunteers once a year in fall.